The In-Between Arts Festival Penang 

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The In-Between Arts Festival Penang
Date / Time 03-12-2014 , Wednesday | 5:00pm
Event Location Penang Botanic Gardens
Registration Start 25-11-2014 , Tuesday
Closing Date 03-12-2014 , Wednesday
Available Slot Limited To 300 Only

Cycling in the Garden? Yes, you will be the first person to cycle in the Penang Botanic Garden.

The In-between Arts Festival 2014
Event Date : 03 Dec 2014
Wedged between the George Town Literary Festival and the Penang Island Jazz Festival, the In-Between Arts Festival (IbAF) aims to showcase words, music and everything in between. IbAF aims to connect people from around the region to experience, explore and collaborate in Penang. Its truly a festival for Penangites, as much as it is for visitors from near and far. This year, the festival celebrates the Spirit of Sportsmanship.
In-Between Arts Festival is featured alongside George Town Literary Festival and the Penang Island Jazz Festival, in conjunction with 10 Days 3 Festivals. Highlighting the best of literature, music, arts and culture in Penang, the objective of these back-to-back festivals is to draw in visitors from all over for a holistic arts festival experience in Penang.


Penang Botanical Gardens
Come over to this huge garden to get close to nature, and join the locals on their jogs, walks, treks, aerobic dances and even Tai Chi practices amidst lush greenery. The garden also plays host to the Penang International World Music Festival and the annual Penang International Floral Fest.
- one of Air Asia’s Top 5 Visits when in Penang.


Penang-born songstress Bihzhu is blessed with a rich, soulful voice and a whole lot of heart.

BLESSED with a rich, soulful voice, Penang-born singer-songwriter Foo Bihzhu has a whole lot of heart.
Better known in the local music scene simply as Bihzhu, she has the ability to enchant her audience effortlessly, whether it’s an intimate acoustic concert or a music festival.

What can audiences expect from her at the arts festival?
“They can definitely expect a lot of good vibes and loving energy from us on stage,” chirped Bihzhu.

Come join the ride with performances by Bihzhu, The Rubberbands. Remember, No Helmet, No Ride!

Event Day Programme
5:00pm Registration
5:10pm Flag-Off
6:30pm Cycling End
7:00pm Prize Giving

Category Code Category Detail Head Count
Entry Fee ( RM )
Cycle Cycling in Garden 300
From 18-11-2014 To 03-12-2014 : RM Free

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Remember, No Helmet, No Ride!

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