Fun Run Sempena Hari Wanita Sedunia 2019 

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Fun Run Sempena Hari Wanita Sedunia 2019
Date / Time 31-03-2019 , Sunday | 07:00 AM
Event Location Taman Poket Teluk Kumbar
Registration Start 13-03-2019 , Wednesday
Closing Date 28-03-2019 , Thursday
Available Slot Limited To 500 Only

Sempena Sambutan Hari Wanita Sedunia 2019
Tarikh: 31hb Mac, 2019
Masa: 7:15 Pagi
Objektif Program
  • Sempena sambutan hari Wanita "Balance for Better"
  • Menggalakan orang ramai mengamalkan hidup sihat dengan aktiviti larian dan senamrobik.
  • Menggalakan orang ramai mengamalkan aktiviti PlogClean iaitu bersukan sambil mengutip sampah.
  • Mencapai hasrat untuk menjadikan Negeri Pulau Pinang lebih Bersih, Hijau, Selamat, Sihat dan Sejahtera
Aturcara Program
6:00 pagi - Ketibaan Para Peserta
6:30 pagi - Peserta Mengambil T-Shirt
6:50 pagi - Ketibaan Tetamu Jemputan
7:00 pagi - Sesi Senamrobik Bermula 
7:15 pagi - Ucapan oleh Tetamu Jemputan
7:20 pagi - Pelepasan Para Peserta Fun Run
8:00 pagi - Peserta Dijangka Tiba
11.00 pagi - Bersurai
Pengambilan T-Shirt
Tarikh: 31hb Mac 2019 (Ahad)
Masa: 6:30 Pagi sampai habis 500 helai
Lokasi: Taman Poket Teluk Kumbar
*Terhad kepada 500 peserta awal, seorang peserta sehelai saja.

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Category Code Category Detail Head Count
Entry Fee ( RM )
Fun Run 3.6km Larian Santai 500
From 13-03-2019 To 27-03-2019 : RM Free

Route Title / Route for Category
Larian Santai 3.6km
Tmn Poket Teluk Kumbar ~ Tingkat Teluk Kumbar 1 ~ P235 ~ Jalan Gertak Sanggul ~ Lintang Kampung Masjid ~ Tingkat Teluk Kumbar ~ Tingkat Teluk Kumbar 4 ~ Tingkat Teluk Kumbar 1 ~ Tmn Poket Teluk Kumbar

Vest / Jersey Sizing
Rules & Regulations


1. Collection of the limited edition t-shirts shall be held on 31st March, 2019 (Sunday) from 6:30am to 7:30am at Taman Poket Teluk Kumbar.

2. Kindly provide your registered valid handphone number as proof of registration during collection of t-shirts.

3. The organiser will provide t-shirts sizes of XS, S, M, L, XL and 2XL, however it is base on first come first serve basis of first 500 collection on collection day. There shall be no size exchange allowed.

4. Each participant only allowed to claim 1 piece of t-shirts.

5. Wearing of official event t-shirts is strongly encouraged.

6. Participants must be above 3 years of age.

7. The organiser Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang (MBPP) and co-organiser Actife Style Concept reserves the right to vary, add, modify and/or alter these terms and conditions as and when it deems fit.

8. By participating in the Event, the participant declares that he/she has read and understood the terms and conditions herein and agrees to be bound by the same. 



1. Participants must, to the best of their knowledge, be able to participate in the Event and must be aware of the risks and hazards connected with the activity, and elect to participate voluntarily. MBPP and Actife Style Concept will not be responsible or held liable for any injury or death howsoever arising during participation in this Fun Run Sempena Hari Wanita Sedunia 2019 event. The participant is strongly encouraged to consult his or her medical practitioner prior to registration and before event day.

2. Participants must retire from the activity immediately if required to do so by any member of the organising committee, official medical staff, marshal and/or security officer.

3. Participants must take care of their personal belongings. MBPP and Actife Style Concept will not be responsible for the loss, damage or theft of such personal property.

4. Participants must obey marshal’s instruction on the designated route as per arranged and comply with all the road/ traffic rules and all instructions given at the event. Failure to do so may result in the Participant being removed from the event.

5. In the event that this Event cannot be administered and/or is abandoned and/or cancelled and/or discontinued due to any reason (including but not limited to health and safety concerns arising from weather or haze), MBPP and Actife Style Concept without being subject to any form of liability and at its sole and absolute discretion, may decide to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the Event without assigning any reasons thereto and without notice to the participants.



1. Participants will be responsible for providing own running shoes and attire. 

2. Participants may wear event shirt provided.

3. Pets, in-line skates, prams, push carts, shoes with built-in or attached rollers and any other wheel-run objects are not allowed on the route.

4. Organiser reserves the right to shorten or alter the published route at any time. 

5. MBPP and Actife Style Concept reserves the right to use any photographs, recordings, or any other media records (including those displaying the Participant) of the Fun Run, for any legitimate purpose.



1. By participating in this event, the Participant hereby grants to organiser and co-organiser worldwide non-exclusive, royalty-free, sub-licensable right and license to - with respect to the Participants’ image, voice, performance, or likeness - use, publish, reproduce, display, perform, adapt, modify, create derivative works, distribute, have distributed, print, promote and/or the participant, in whole or in part, in any form now or hereafter known including but not limited to photographs, motion pictures or recordings, anywhere in the world for any purpose including that related to event, the publication in event promotional digital and/or printed materials and formats broadcast including but not limited to on magazines, printed leaflet and brochures, website and/or through other public online feeds, promoting subsequent events generally.

2. By the participant submitting his/her personal data and/or the personal data of his/her child for this Event during registration, the participant hereby consents to MBPP and Actife Style Concept processing his/her personal data and/or the personal data of his/her child according to the PDP Notice.

3. The participants agree that MBPP and Actife Style Concept shall not be liable to the participants and/or any other party in any manner whatsoever for any form of liabilities, losses, claims and/or damages howsoever arising in connection with the Event or otherwise.

4. By participating in this Event, the participant agrees that MBPP and Actife Style Concept reserves the right to disclose the participants and representatives personal data in the event believes that such disclosure is necessary to identify, contact or bring legal action against an individual who might cause or may be causing damage to or interfere (whether intentionally or otherwise) with the Event and/or MBPP and/or any other third party’s rights or property which could be harmed by such activities. MBPP may also disclose the personal data of the participants and the representatives if required to do so by a court of law or other relevant body.



1. MBPP and/or Actife Style Concept, the event organizer, the co-organiser, the sponsors and its staff will not accept any responsibility for damage or loss of property, harm or bodily injuries or death to participants throughout the Event.

2. In consideration of MBPP permitting the Participant to enter and participate in the Event, the Participant hereby releases and indemnifies MBPP and/or Actife Style Concept, the event organizer, the co-organiser, the sponsors and its staff and any of its respective representatives from and against all and any claims, suits, demands, liabilities, loss and damage (including indirect and consequential loss), costs, expenses and, interest, that the Participant may suffer or incur arising from or connected with the Event.

3. Parents/ Guardians of children and/or youth who are Event Participants consent to the under age child and/or youth participating in the Event and agree to take full and sole responsibility for the child and or youth’s safety and participation in the Event.

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2 21-03-2019 , 23:13:03 3rd Technical Meeting
3 15-03-2019 , 23:22:40 Taman Poket Teluk Kumbar Fun Run

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