Tour De Malaysia Run
Another 2.5 days away of completing this beautiful Run for A Cause , 29-12-2013
I can still recall vividly this Feb when Seow Kong Ng came back to Penang for CNY celebration. While we were running together he talked about how he and Allan Lee were having this crazy idea of running round Malaysia with a cause. 

Wow how fascinating I thought!

3 months later I received a surprise call from Allan telling me that the idea is on. He sent a photo snapped on his whiteboard sketching show few cartoon cars, o<-<, circles and some key points. Ok, he sounded serious, then after much ding dong of calls, he called the first meeting in KL.

Rich Cai were kind enough to pick me up from Petaling St. to the meeting venue, It was great to meet up with many crazy ultra-marathoners like Karen LohJeff Ooi, Julie Wong, CallyCaffee NgShirley Yeo, Puzi and many more. Brainstorming of ideas, objectives, task list, role and responsibilities, government body application, police permit, logo, core runners and support runners... a long list but first thing first, the route and recce survey!? Moving forward... the route was carefully plotted with sectors and cut-off point with estimated time were determined. Sometimes in August, Allan, Jeff and Cally took a few days off and made the effort to drive thru all the routes with video and photos taking.

After more than 6 months of preparation, the core runners and fellows committee must have went thru lots of sleepless nights plotting the route, calculating the ETA of each sector, recruiting core runners support crew/transport/hydration/food, searching where to put thru the 12 nights with own pocket expense, printing of banners/certificates, setting up the donation campaign, ALL these works with only 1 dream – This Is Where We Unite.

Well, after 9.5 days of sweats, electrolyte loss and adrenaline rush, finally we are 2.5 days away of completing this beautiful Run for A Cause.

Thanks to the 4 core runners who have carried this dream all the way through all the states in Peninsular Malaysia.
Thanks to Mohan Marathon, SiawHua, SeowKong, Allan, Rich Chai for the generosity to donate this event and many committees who help in this dream and fellows guest runners to partake in the Tour De Malaysia Run.

Now is our turns to give back to this Run. What are we waiting for?
For the Cause of Giving!

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