Penang Run 2016 Island Series
Thank You SORGANIC Sponsoring Free Flow After Run , 06-10-2016

Can you imagine a gout patient could consume soy drink happily? Can you imagine a lady could slim down and get fair complexion in a natural way?
Yes! SORGANIC can make those mentioned happen! SORGANIC is premium quality soybean powder produced with only top-grade non-GMO soybeans that are harvested naturally once a year and processed with the latest Japanese spray-drying method. SORGANIC is no longer a leisure soy drink but a functional food that can gives you good health.
Don’t just take SORGANIC’s word for it. SORGANIC is also a recipient of various international recognitions such as the ISO, European Union ECOCERT Organic Certification and A-Grade Green Food Certifications.
SORGANIC is available in almost all pharmacies and organic shops in Penang, Kedah and Perak. You may log on to SORGANIC Facebook fanpage at https://www.facebook.com/sorganicboutique to receive more promotion info.
SORGANIC – Drink REAL for REAL Health!
目前,SORGANIC在槟城、吉打及霹雳州内的药剂行,有机店等都均有出售.您也可以关注我们的面子书户口 https://www.facebook.com/sorganicboutique 以获取更多消息!
SORGANIC - 豆制精品!

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