Penang Run 2017
Altra Running and United Nation of Runners Sponsoring all 21km Half-Marathon Champion , 28-06-2017

Planning to upgrade your gear soon? Hold on another 2 weeks; check out the irresistible offer by Altra Running and United Nation of Runners. Yes, you are right, 40% OFFER during Penang Run 2017 Race Pack Collection day at The Whiteaways Arcade!

Thanks to United Nation of Runners for sponsoring the Champion of all 21km half-marathoner prize. Good luck guys and girls.
Altra was created in a family owned running store in the Wasatch Mountains, Utah, USA.The creators of Altra believed that they could create a running shoe that could address common running injuries like shin splits, knee and foot pain. The team at Altra understands that running is a big part of all our lives and they truly believe that their shoes can help people run better. Altra asks you to "Rethink The Way You Run".

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