Penang Run 2018
Palm Cove Centre for providing Free Physiotherapy Assessment, Consultation & Treatment for Penang Run 2018 , 15-03-2018

After a long run, do you feel tight muscles, aches or pains? Do you require some manual therapy to release your muscles?

Thank you Palm Cove Centre Penang for providing Free #PhysiotherapyAssessment, #Consultation & #Treatment for Penang Run 2018

Palm Cove Centre is a friendly and specialist physiotherapy and sports injury centre with locations in Malaysia & Indonesia. We provide an experienced, honest and expert opinion when assessing, diagnosing and treating a wide range of injuries and disorders affecting the body.

Our aim is to deliver an individual and patient centered model of care. We do not advocate a recipe-like approach and our assessment and diagnostic procedures are meticulous ensuring we understand the problem and treat the cause. Our goal is to get our patients back to full function and pain free in the shortest time possible. The treatments we provide are backed by evidence ensuring that our practices are at the cutting edge of physiotherapy and healthcare.
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