Forward Oat King Sports Run 前進浩洋跑
RunSociety : Forward Oat King Sports Run 2014: The Most Prestigious Running Race , 23-06-2014

Forward Oat King Sports Run 2014: The Most Prestigious Running Race

 23rd Jun 2014 · Malaysia

Held in conjunction with Penang UNESCO Heritage Day, runners will get to see the sights of Georgetown with the Forward Oats King Sports Run on 3 August 2014.

21KM Half Marathon Competitive and 7KM Fun Run Categories

There will be 2 categories for the Forward King Oats Sports Run: the 21km Competitive Half Marathon, and the 7km Fun Run.

The 21km Competitive Half Marathon will see runners heading to the easternmost tip of Penang Island along Esplanade Park and Fort Cornwallis before heading northwards along Jalan Tanjong Tokong before looping and ending back at Penang Chinese Town Hall.

Exciting Lucky Draw Prizes to be Won

Lucky draw prizes will also be provided by Penang Forward Sports Club, with the Grand Prizes being a SYM E Bonus motorcycle and a 43" Samsung LED television. There will be plenty of other attractive prizes up for grabs as well, including bicycles and electronic table fans.

Not only will participants be entitled to the usual running goodie bag, all participants will also get a 200gram Oat King Sport, worth RM$12.

Collection of running singlets, shirts, bibs and other entitlements will be held on 2nd August, 2014 from 10am to 5pm at the Penang Chinese Town Hall.

Forward Oat King Sports Run 2014: The Most Prestigious Running Race

The Forward King Oats Sports Run will take place on 3 August 2014, at the Penang Chinese Town Hall.

Registrations are now open until 08 July.

Interested runners may also register in person at the following 3 locations in Penang: Penang Chinese Town,Guang Ming Ribao at Macalister Road, or Guang Ming Ribao’s Butterworth branch.

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