Balik Pulau Marathon 2019 浮罗山背马拉松
Full Marathon Relay Team Members Information - Shuttle Bus Transfer , 09-09-2019
Shuttle Bus available for Relay Participant
  • Each runner will run 21.2km - the first runner will run the first half of the Marathon distance and the second runner will run the remaining half marathon distance.
  • The first runner will be flag-off together with Full Marathoner at 5:00 am while shuttle bus will be arranged to transfer the second runner to 21.2km mid-point transition of the relay.
    • 05:10 AM Shuttle bus will transfer the 2nd leg runner from Starting Line to Relay Transition
    • 08:00 AM Shuttle bus will depart transfer 1st leg runner from Relay Transition to Starting Line
  • After the first runner complete his/her runner, he/she can follow the official bus back to race venue which will depart at 8:00 AM only.
  • Should the estimated finishing time is below 3 hours 15 mins, the second runner might wish to carry a headlamp with you.
  • Should you missed the shuttle bus, you will require to arrange your own transport. You can arrange your own transport but please do not distract traffic or runner.
  • There will only be 1 race bib issued, hence the first runner will hand the race bib to the second runner only at the mid-point transition area.
  • Finisher Medal and T-Shirts for both runners will only be collected upon the second runner cross the finishing line by showing the race bib.
  •  No Pacing is allowed.
  •  No following or personal escort allowed.
  •  Do not block or obstruct other runners or traffic.
  •  If you arranged your own transport, kindly do not block the runner lane, please understand the safety of everyone.
  •  Against the above rules will result in Disqualification.

Shuttle Bus Travelling Route
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