Penang Run 2020
Change of date to 26 July , 05-02-2020
We regret that registration for Penang Run 2020 had to be halted abruptly on 28 January due to an unexpected demand from a certain party to make way for another party. Despite earlier approval, grant of permit and our subsequent date announcement to fellow runners, we had no choice but to comply.

The new date is 26 July 2020.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this change may cause.

For years we have organised Penang Run with unwavering passion and professionalism. In return, we saw you reciprocate through your enthusiastic participation year after year. We are thankful for your continuous support and elated to see the growing number of people who has taken up the sport.

Today, Penang Run is the BIGGEST and the most iconic race in Penang. In 2020, we are determined to bring you another great run! Our sincere thanks to all friends who have messaged us with words of encouragement and support in this difficult situation.


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