Tour De Malaysia Run
What can i do to support this run? , 20-12-2013

If you cannot run with Allan, Seow Kong, Rich and Aun,  this is what you can do to help motivate them to go on.   All four of them are running to help raise money for Hospis Malaysia and the Good Samaritan Home.  

By contributing some funds to these foundation,  the runners efforts in running around Malaysia has an added feature,  we all raised money together.   Surely,  all four of them,  Allan, Seow Kong, Rich and Aun would feel the compelling motivation to complete the run around Malaysia and to prove the worth in helping the needy and less fortunate when they hear more news of increasing contribution from all of you especially for those in the running circle.  

Let’s come together and encourage all to participate in this mammoth and historic effort of running around Malaysia not only by running or cheering by the side but work together to help the needy at the same time.  Thank you and Good luck to all the runners who are participating.

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