Penang Hot Air Balloon Fun Run
15 hot air balloons will add colour to Penang , 15-02-2015
For the first time ever, 15 hot air balloons will add colour to Penang’s skyline on 21 and 22 Feb 2015. Part of the Visit Penang Year 2015’s endless celebrations of ‘Fabulous February Fiesta’ that includes Thaipusam, Chinese New Year and the Hokkien New Year, the hot air balloon event is set to dazzle. There will be tethered rides twice a day, free-flying balloon show, night glow and plenty of outdoor activities such as archery, paramotor show and inflatable playground happening too.

Inviting everyone to where the freedom is limitless, please do join us for a test flight and watch a hot air balloon soar in the Penang sky on Sunday, 15 Feb 2015 at 6.30am from Youth Park. It’s a perfect opportunity for photo-op – from the dramatic firing up of the hot air balloon all the way to its graceful take off.

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